Life Offbeat Video

By Leah Fox


A skilful baker has tricked her family by creating a series of fakeaways with cake.

From spud-tacular jacket potatoes, Chinese takeaways and even ship shop chips Selina Mccloud, 38, from Gosport, Hampshire, has perfected her takeaway illusions with cake.

She decided to cure her lockdown boredom by mind-boggling British food favourites out of cake.

She began making spectacular illusion cakes after a one-off creation in the style of a KFC bucket, which stunned her family and friends, and now makes everything from McDonald’s meals to roast dinners in cake form.

The mum-of-four’s new mind blowing creations took a full day to bake and decorate, baffling her household and even strangers online, who initially thought it was real savoury food.

Professional baker Selina said: “I normally go with a British food theme and make things that my family would eat, so it’s something that will wind the kids up when they think the cake is real food.

“I made them for something to do during lockdown and decided to try some different ideas, coming up with the jacket potato and Chinese takeaway themes.

“My niece came downstairs and thought there were real beans on the jacket potato cake, so I’ve done my job well!

“I started out making a KFC cake and the reaction to it was wild. People kept saying to me how amazing they thought it was after I posted a photo of it online.

“I’ve had comments where people say the cakes are not real so I’ve had to cut them in half to prove it’s actually a cake.

“I’m proud of the reaction I get, it’s brilliant – and it’s good to watch people’s faces when they see the cakes in real life.”

Selina has revealed some of the painstaking techniques she used to make the duo of delicious dishes.

It took her two hours to craft the Chinese takeaway cake, with Selina carefully hand-rolling each grain of rice from fondant, baking individual shortbread chunks for chips, and drizzling fondant ‘chicken’ pieces with maple syrup acting as sweet and sour sauce.

The mum also rolled every single fondant bean for the jacket potato, mixing royal icing with maple syrup for the tomato sauce, and brushing edible brown food powder over icing that covered the vanilla buttercream ‘potato’ cake.

She said: “For the jacket potato, I cut a cross in the icing at the top and pulled it open before putting the beans on top and grating a bit of white chocolate to look like cheese.

“I made prawn crackers out of sugar paste and pearl food colouring for the Chinese takeaway, and also wrapped a cake in fondant and brushed it with dark brown paint to give it a fried effect for a spring roll.

“Sometimes it gets a bit frustrating doing all the intricate bits but I’ll just leave it and go onto another part of the cake and come back to it later – or have a coffee break outside to get away for a minute!

“These ones were just for my family to enjoy, but if I was selling them the jacket potato one it would be from £45.

“It all depends on the size – the more intricate cakes can be from £100 upwards because they take more time to do.”

Selina always posts her mind-bending creations on a cake-related Facebook page, where they often rack up thousands of likes and reactions from strangers across the world.

She added: “Some people call me the queen of food cakes online and it’s really funny.

“I think it just comes across so well on pictures that people’s minds get blown.

“I think I’ve made nearly every takeaway food apart from Indian now, so I’ll soon be making one of those.”