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By Federico Cornetto


An adorable guinea pig without a coat thinks he’s a Sphynx cat and hangs out with a clowder of naked felines.

Six-month-old  guinea pig Luis has become well-known on the Internet thanks to his unique bond with a group of Sphynx cats, who are as hairless as he is.

Luis lives in Estepona, Spain, with owner Oksana Baltakiene, 39, and cats Puke-Chalisa, five, Bandita-Shani, three, Chikita-Mantra, two, and Rango-Ramses, two.

In a series of adorable videos and photos, Luis is seen hanging out with the Sphynx family, cuddling with them on the couch and climbing on their backs.

Oksana said: “The cats immediately adopted Luis as part of the family and they think he’s their brother.

“The only cat who has a little bit of a strange relationship with Luis is Rango-Ramses, who is afraid of him and always panicking around him.

“Guinea pigs are very social animals and they like company, so Luis loves to be together with the cats, and loves to be patted by them as well.”

Oksana says she decided to adopt a bald guinea pig because she thought the animal would ‘fit perfectly’ into the Sphynx family.

Oksana said: “Sphynx cats are unique, they are very social, friendly and very intelligent, more than one may think.

“And now we also have Luis who brings into our family some laughter, smiles and good emotions.”

One user commented on a picture of Luis and the cats, saying: “It’s so adorable to see these animals together!”

Another one said: “They seem to get along very well!”