By Dan Coles


A little girl and her best friend have been reunited for a weekend of play together after spending over two months apart in lockdown.

Little Madison Rosboschil, three, was desperate to see her best friend, and cousin, James, also three, who she used to play with all the time before they were separated when lockdown came into play.

The pair had only been able to Facetime and speak over the phone until last week when restrictions were finally lifted and her mum, Kathleen, from Texas, US, drove Madison to see James at their grandparents house for the weekend.

The adorable pair finally reunited and spent the weekend playing together and their parents filmed the emotional reunion to capture their excitement at finally being able to be together again.

Kathleen, a quality assurance advisor, said: “The last time they were with each other was 67 days ago and they saw each other all the time until we left because we didn’t know what to expect with the lockdown.

“They’re cousins and were born two weeks apart, so they have grown up together experiencing everything at the same time.

“Throughout the lockdown Maddison has found it tough because she had no one her size to play with, she loves playing chase and her first question was asking if James would chase her when they met up.

“When the lockdown happened, we said our goodbyes and the kids knew they would meet again once it was safe to do so.

“Last week lockdown was lifted so I told her she was going to get to see him which made her so happy, she kept asking when we were going and when we finally did, we all arranged to spend the weekend together.

“She called James as soon as she woke up shouting that she was coming to see him, we taught them it was important to keep the masks on, but they could give each other a hug.

“I pulled up and James was waiting around the corner when we got out the car, they just ran straight to each other to cuddle – it was such a beautiful moment.

“We spent the weekend together and the neighbourhood has a private pool so we went there together, we also went to visit my other sister so they could play with their other cousin.

“My daughter has been desperate for kids to play with and she just wanted to play chase with James all weekend.

“They would stay up together until 10pm every night running around the living room and playing together.”

Erin Blaylock, James’s mum, added: “They were born just a few weeks apart so they were each other’s first friend.

“Madi is the first person James wants to call when he gets a new toy or something exciting to share.

“He couldn’t sleep the night before we were traveling because of how excited he was, James had been asking to see Madi for the past two months and we just had to tell him that we weren’t able to yet because of the germs.

“They played make-believe, had a movie night to watch “Scoob” and played board games, James was happy to have another person to play with other than his mommy.”

The adorable reunion was filmed and in the video the tots can be seen charging towards each other to embrace, both with masks on and then started chatting.

It has been two months since they last played together and were inseparable for the entire weekend.

Kathleen said: “Because they’re the same age they have done everything together as they’ve grown up, they’re quite different too.

“Madi is very reserved and shy until she really knows someone, but we all joke that James should be in Hollywood because he loves to perform and is confident with anyone – they both complement each other in different ways.

During the lockdown, the only way they could speak to each other with telephones and laptops but lacked real time together which started to take its toll on the cute pair.

Erin said: “We have been thankful for modern technology which has kept us connected during these unprecedented times but there is nothing better than spending time with your best friend.”

Kathleen added: “It was great to be able to spend some proper time together, and now they just can’t wait to see each other again”