Animals Life Video

By Joe McFarlane and Randal Coombs


A man has befriended a baby owl and captured the hilariously adorable relationship on video.

While relaxing on his day off in Cincinnati, Ohio, Garrett Zimmerman, 29, spotted a cute little baby owl checking out what Garrett was up to in his back yard.

Calmly heading over to the fluff ball, the owl was very at ease with Garrett’s presence, which allowed Garrett to record and post a series of hilarious TikTok videos with his new friend “Owliver”.

Garrett said: “Owliver was about the size of my head but definitely still very young. He didn’t try to bite or anything, he just sat there and hung out with us for about 20 to 30 minutes.”

But all good things must come to an end, and parting is such sweet sorrow, as after have some dinner, Garrett couldn’t find little Owliver in the backyard gain.

Garrett said: “I assume he just flew away because his mum was hanging around nearby. When we came back out, they were both gone. I hope he comes back to visit once he gets big enough to fly.”