Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


An energetic dog happily displays their parkour skills by leaping, jumping and bounding through the city of Berlin.

When professional parkour athlete Dominik Arend, 28, takes his pet Border Collie, aptly named Ninja, for a stroll around Berlin, Germany, it isn’t your average walkies.

With the pair bounding over structures and Ninja skillfully and nimbly running along walls, jumping between bollards and leaping through slim gaps, the athletic pet is a bark-our pioneer.

Proud owner Dominik said: “What I am personally most happy about is the level of communication we achieve in order to make the videos possible.

“I think it is easy to teach a dog certain jumps with basic conditioning and positive reinforcement, but it is hard to understand the mental processes. If your dog is afraid of balancing somewhere, balance on it yourself and you will better understand what is going on in their minds.

“It makes me happy with I see Ninja do a trick, especially when he is doing it by himself, which happens quite a lot.

“To see what freedom ninja has through Parkour is amazing. It makes me feel that I am doing the right thing. It also reduces a lot of stress. I feel more relaxed having him unleashed than walking him on the leash.

“Parkour is an amazing possibility for a human and dog to do together. It is good for the body and mind and a great way to connect.”