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By Joe McFarlane


A family rescued an injured fox cub they found stranded in their back garden before helping the adorable baby reunite with its mother.

When Genevieve McKechnie was told by her three-year-old son Ben that there was a cat at the back of their garden in Essex that was scaring him, the bemused mother thought nothing of it due to her toddler’s vivid imagination.

But once her five-year-old daughter Elodie said that there was a squirrel stuck in the fence, the caring mother went out to inspect.

But instead of finding a scary cat or stuck squirrel, Genevieve instead came across an injured fox cub, lodged in the back garden fence.

Carefully removing the fox from their uncomfortable looking position, the family began calling vets, sanctuaries and the RSPCA to see if they could help.

Too weak to use its hind legs or even hold up their own head, the tiny cub had swollen eyes and a wound on their head and was in desperate need of help.

Keeping the cub safe, warm and groomed and thanks to the efforts of Genevieve, Ben, Elodie and four-year-old Una, the cub began to regain its strength.

Genevieve said: “After researching I found out that vets often just put down wild animals that they’re given because they believe it’s in the animals best interests.

“I also read that when sanctuaries release rescued foxes at the end of the summer, it is often near chicken farms or popular hunting areas and they don’t stand a chance as the foxes are no longer afraid of humans. So we decided it had to go back to his mother.”

Caring for the fox another night, the family could hear the calls of the cub’s mother in the garden.

Genevieve said: “It was incredible to witness the strength of the bond the mother had with her baby and the lengths she was willing to go to even though she probably had other cubs to look after. She broke our kids toys and spread them all over the neighbourhood. She was doing anything she could to send a message. She must have heard him calling out from our conservatory and was trying to get to him.”

With husband David crafting a make-shift contraption, the family managed to safely reunite the cub with their mother.

Genevieve said: “We have seen the mother and cub playing in our garden a lot since then. We were amazed when our plan to reunite them actually worked. So many things could easily have gone wrong, we were ecstatic.”