Animals Video

By Jessica Testa


This cat looks like he had taken the term “self-isolation” a bit too literally when he was found stuck inside an empty fish tank.

Trade Marketing Manager Annette Foulstone, 44, said her husband was getting ready to set up the fish tank for their new shrimp in their Melbourne home and left the room for a second.

After returning, he called out to Annette to show her that their two-year-old British Shorthair, Harvey, was sitting inside the glass tank.

Annette said: “We think he jumped up and thought there was a lid but he fell inside and didn’t know how to get out.”

She had to climb onto the couch to carry Harvey out before he promptly ran away, leaving wet paw prints all over the couch.

“He looked confused when we found him and also acted like he had been caught doing something wrong.”

“He is very naughty and is always curious so this didn’t surprise us!”