Life Offbeat Video

By Cally Brooks


A man has transformed an old, unused steam train into a barbecue during lockdown.

Connor Allick, from Delabole, Cornwall, set about creating this unique barbecue during lockdown by finding parts from an old steam train at his local scrap yard.

The 22-year-old freelance video editor had wanted a barbecue for his garden but wanted to try and find something unique so set about making his own.

The barbecue features the front of a train, with the smoke from the barbecue being filters out through the chimney, giving it the appearance of a real steam train. The two train carts are used for storing tools and condiments, whilst the barbecue even has its own ‘train tracks’ to rest on.

The whole project cost Connor £600 and he now uses it as a statement piece for his garden.

Connor posted the finished result on Facebook and received an overwhelming response from the public.

He said: “The reaction on social media has been great; everyone has been so overwhelmed by the unique idea and how cool it looks.

“I’ve done my own DIY before, I’m keen to try anything but this was fabricated with a lot of help.

“I wanted a BBQ but didn’t want a generic boring one, so I went online searching for ideas and this was something I eventually decided would be really cool to do.

“It took my five weeks to complete during lockdown and I’m really happy with the end result”.





£50: HARDWARE (e.g. bolts, brackets)