Life Offbeat Video Viral

By Alyce Collins


A measuring tape can be used to measure how far apart to stand from each other, but it can also act as a funnel for a refreshing drink.

CEO of a finance and management firm Ryan Donaldson, 33, from Tampa, Florida, wanted to have a drink with his friends while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Fortunately, Ryan’s plan meant he and his friends could keep their distance whilst having a few drinks.

The gin was poured onto a measuring tape, and as his friends prop the tape up, the gin travels down to Ryan.

It may not be the ideal way of sharing a drink with friends, but it gave them all a good laugh.

Ryan said: “Using the power of gravity and fluid dynamics, Aviation gin is being poured down a roll of measuring tape.

“After a particularly successful meeting, I wanted to celebrate responsibly.

“People are clearly six feet apart and at the end of the measuring tape the businessman is turning it into a mixed drink.”