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imitating bird

By David Aspinall

Forget the Millennium Falcon, this R2-D2 imitating bird is a Millennium Budgie.

While sat on owner Lee Backx’s shoulder, Pikachu the feathered impressionist begins chirping like his favourite Star Wars character.

The tuneful blue and white bird continues to chirp on for almost two minutes as if in deep conversation with C3PO.

Huge Star Wars fan Lee noticed Pikachu’s interest was piqued as soon as the annoying droid appeared on screen and he instantly fell in love.

Lee said: “He didn’t pay much attention to the imperial march, but instantly fell in love with Artoo.

“After that, I let him listen to R2-D2 sounds three times per day.

“Within a month, he could repeat them.

“We have had Pikachu since August 2016 and he has just learned to say his name in the past few weeks.

“He is really part of the family.

“He eats and sleeps when we do, on top of enjoying the Star Wars franchise with us too.”