Amazing Video

By Jack Mobley


This fossil-enthusiast found and gradually prepared a pre-historic crab fossil to unveil it’s glory.

Software developer, Morne Wium was exploring the coastal area of Canterbury, New Zealand, when he noticed the outline of a crab claw in a rock.

With some further investigation, Morne found that the rock was indeed a tumidocarcinus giganteus crab, dated at around 12 million-years-old.

Using a scribe, Morne chipped away around the smooth rock to show the crab immortalised in rock.

The results are stunning as this fossil has some incredible details after so many millennia; the shell, the claws and legs are still preserved.

Morne said: “I could see that there was something of a different colour sticking out of the rock, it wasn’t just all one colour like a rock would be.

“When I took a closer look, I could see it was a claw of a crab.

“I was really excited to find one in such good condition, usually they are broken apart by the waves.

“The rock was flaking off the crab without me even touching the fossil, so the crab was pristine – a perfect preservation!”