Video Viral

By Jessica Testa


Watch as this eight-year-old boy’s new hair colour is revealed for the first time after his mum dyes it rainbow coloured.

Co-owner and master lash artist of KALM Beauty and Lash Bar Krystal Holland, 28, decided to capture this moment on camera since her son Sebastian hadn’t seen his hair for the entire process.

Elated with the results, Sebastian responded by giving her a big, heartwarming hug.

Krystal said: “It’s a tradition that we colour his hair the first week after school lets out for the summer and he can pick whatever he wants.”

She said she usually gets one of her partners to do the colour, since she specialises in lash extensions.

However, due to the restrictions following the COVID-19 outbreak, she needed to do it herself from home.

“The rainbow was all his idea! He likes to find pictures and show me exactly how he wants it coloured. He already has his next colour picked out.”

“He loved it so much, and after a day of being nervous it wouldn’t turn out, seeing his face light up like that was worth every second of the 6.5 hours it took!”