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By Jasmine Kazlauskas


A trusting husband has ended up with a hilarious DUMB AND DUMBER hairstyle after letting his ‘confident’ wife cut his hair during quarantine.

With his local barber closing down during the COVID-19 lockdown, Josh Bringedahl said his hair had become a little long and wild – so his wife Rachel offered to give him a haircut.

The 32-year-old from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, said that his 28-year-old partner seemed ‘really confident’ about it despite never having cut hair before in her life.

Truck driver Josh said he went to buy a proper hair cutting kit online but they had sold out – so instead, they decided to use a beard trimmer and kitchen scissors.

He said Rachel started by shaving the side of his head and began cutting the top  – but he knew things were bad when she began laughing and started watching a YouTube video about how to fix bad haircuts.

But despite vision rehab therapist Rachel’s efforts to reverse what she had done, it was too late – with Josh ultimately ending up sporting a hilarious ‘dumb and dumber’ haircut.

He said: “My usual local barber has been closed due to the coronavirus lockdown, so my hair had been getting a bit long.

“My wife Rachel was actually the one to mention it and she suggested that she have a go at cutting it for me.

“I knew the barber wouldn’t be opening anytime soon, so I figured I’d let her take a whack at it. She seemed really confident about it.

“I asked her if she had watched a video or spoke with her hairdresser sister before doing it, but she simply replied that she already knew how to cut hair.

“She had never cut anyone’s hair, not even our dogs. But we decided to use a beard trimmer and some kitchen scissors

“She went in by shaving the side of my head and started cutting the top with the scissors. But midway, she started giggling to herself and then began laughing so hard she couldn’t talk.

“Then I realise something was really wrong. She desperately watched a YouTube video to try and fix it but it was too late.

“I burst into laughter when I looked into the mirror. I couldn’t believe it.”

After sending pictures of his disastrous haircut to his friends and family, Josh said he was inundated with jokes about how he looked like Lloyd from the movie ‘Dumb and Dumber’.

He added that others also compared his new look to the character Moe from the Three Stooges.

Josh said: “I sent the final result to all of my family and friends. I got a lot of Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber memes sent to me.

“I also got a couple of Moe from Three Stooges. A few friends sent me photos of their haircuts that their wives had done and we laughed together.

“I’m definitely not the only one who is rocking a unique look.

“It’s looking a bit better now simply because it’s grown out some. I’m still wearing my hat out in public though.

“Before Rachel cut my hair, I was thinking that my wife giving my haircuts could save us money.

“But I’ll definitely be going back to my hair stylist when they reopen. I really miss them.”