By Dan Coles


A patient dad decided that he and his twin daughters would tackle the lockdown boredom by forming a wacky family trio and sharing it with the world.

Warren Oja, a professional Cellist and teacher, 29, from Chicago, US, is posting videos in his house playing the Cello whilst his twins, Heather and Iris, two, try to play along with violins.

The adorable videos show Warren absolutely killing on the Cello, while his young twins, in the cutest way possible, give it their very best effort.

In the videos Warren is playing a mixture of different pieces including the Spiderman and Star Wars theme tunes, but is yet to get a chord out of the girls – although he is sure they will grow to be irreplaceable members of the band.

Warren said: “While making most of my videos I play through a short piece several times until they get bored and move on to another activity.

“I review the takes and use whatever works the best. It usually takes about 10 to 20 minutes but I have always been a big Star Wars geek so had the Imperial March learned.

“I have always loved to make people smile and laugh, especially now that I can do it with my kids, I’m thrilled we’ve been able to reach so many.

“I have a great deal of pride as a father when I see the joy my girls bring to others. They are the stars, I just give them a soundtrack.

“There a bit too young to really be able to play the music, but they certainly make up with it by the performance they put on whilst I play, and you can tell how much they want to be able to play.

“The response to the videos has been overwhelmingly positive, when I get private messages from followers telling me that one of our videos is a beacon of light in a very difficult day, that is my biggest motivator.

“I have my own personal dreams of the whole family playing together at concerts, but the career path the kids take is up to them. Regardless,

“I am confident we will at least play together for fun.”

Warren started the videos just before the lockdowns in the U.S began, and after wanting to involve his kids in his Instagram, but didn’t have a solid idea to involve them in.

Warren said: “I had been planning on involving them in my Instagram for a long time, but just couldn’t find the proper motivation.

“When I heard about the virus spreading to the U.S I thought it was the perfect opportunity to spread some joy around to those who were stuck at home and to those who have been affected dramatically by the pandemic.

“Usually the videos are made on the spur of the moment while I am practicing when the girls request specific songs.

“They see me as their personal jukebox, I set the camera up and shoot as many takes as they are willing to sit through and review the takes to see which one would be the best to post.”

Now that the band is in full swing, albeit still deciding on a name, Warren vows to keep making music with the girls and is certain they will grow into very talented at whatever instrument they choose to play.

He said: “We will absolutely keep making content post lockdown, I think the girls will be very natural musicians once they come to the age where those skills develop quicker.

“It is a great opportunity to show the world how wonderful the gift of music is in a child’s life, especially in these early development stages.”

While many people are losing their jobs to the current pandemic, Warren admits he is not immune to this and says the videos have given him more of a purpose during the lockdown and helped keep his girls keep busy whilst they run around the house.

Warren said: “Musicians have lost a lot of work during the lockdown, myself included.

“Making these videos with the kids gave me a sense of purpose, when I see the comments of delight and read the messages from people who get so much joy from watching the kids, it makes me feel like we are playing an important role in the pandemic.

“I am thrilled that they have touched the hearts of so many.”

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