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By Alyce Collins


This grandmother couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing her grandchildren so planned a surprise visit which made for a very emotional reunion.

Spa director and medical aesthetician Mandy Lauderdale, 42, from Atlanta, Georgia, is currently isolating at home with her two-year-old daughter, Shepard.

However, Mandy was very surprised when her seventy-year-old mother Lori rang her from her driveway.

Lori drove to each of her children’s homes to see them and her 10 grandchildren from a safe distance.

Mandy said: “My mom is a widow and lives alone.

“She wanted to see her 10 grandchildren so badly, so she drove to my house and the houses of my three siblings.

“We didn’t know she was doing this until she called us from our driveway. She and Shepard have a very special relationship.

“I was so touched that she would drive all over Georgia to see her grandkids from afar.”