Animals Video

By Jessica Testa


Described as cheeky, energetic and independent, this much-loved cat has lived a normal life despite only having three legs.

Peggy’s owner and marketing assistant Lauren Nesbitt, 31, said that two-year-old Peggy was born with a deformity that affected her mobility.

She said: “It was causing issues and pain, so at six months old it was amputated and she’s never been happier!’

She adopted Peggy from Cat Haven in Western Australia when she was eight weeks old.

“She has never had four legs, even when she had her deformed leg, so she doesn’t know any different.”

Peggy can still do everything any other cat can, including jump, climb stairs and play with Lauren’s other cat Luna.

“Luna never liked any other cats until Peggy, which is one of the reasons I knew I had to adopt her. They love each other so much and like to wrestle.”

“She gets around beautifully and is one of the fastest ones in the house to get up the stairs.”