Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley


Families are finding new and amusing ways to cheer themselves up while preventing the spread of coronavirus at the same time, as this mother dresses in an outlandish shark costume while walking her baby

Regular cosplayer, Stephanie Brooks was taking her daughter, Magnolia, out for a walk around Hollis, Maine amid the height of social distancing on April 5.

Finding the best way to protect herself while giving her neighbours something to smile about, Stephanie dons an amusing outfit, dressed in a shark costume covering her from head-to-toe.

The hilarious sight of a walking shark pushing a pram along is certainly something that caught people’s attention, and according to Stephanie, also meant that residents maintain a safe distance.

Stephanie said: “My husband and I cosplay regularly at conventions, and I sometimes bring the shark costume.

“Since it was cool out, I decided that it probably would raise our neighbours spirits to see a giant shark in the neighbourhood.

“Someone yelled “big ass shark!” To me from their front lawn, and a group of kids kept yelling questions at me between giggles.”