Life Video

By Lucy Notarantonio


A stunning young woman who lost her job due to the corona virus outbreak has taken up a new opportunity ‘on the bins’.

The formed lifeguard has swapped her whistle for a high vis jacket as she empties the recycling bins in her hometown Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Despite being outnumbered by men, Zoe Coleman, 20, is happy to help the community during the COVID-19 crisis.

She praises her new job as a bin woman for keeping her active and outdoors during the lock down.

Zoe, who is an art student, said: “The bins aren’t going to empty themselves and I am more than happy to help the community.

“After the leisure centre shut down, my options to keep on working weren’t very broad.

“But I knew I wanted to help people so I just cracked on and applied.

“I am the only female and it is quite tough at times but I just take it on the chin and get on with it.

“Women should get stuck in because they are fully capable to do this job.

“I am getting my steps in and lots of fresh air which is great for my mental health rather than being cooped up indoors.

“On a quiet day, I’ll do around 10,000 steps and 20,000 or more on a busy day.

“Another perk is I get to see the countryside whilst we drive around.

“Last but not least, the support from the community has been amazing – some days, I feel like i’m walking down the red carpet when people wave, clap and leave notes!”

Zoe says she has spent the winter indoors and therefore ‘refuses’ to do the same with summer which is why she is ‘grateful’  for the opportunity and doesn’t fear the corona virus.

She adds: “I think it is inevitable, we are all most likely going to get it at one stage so I may as well help others before I do.

“I am wearing full personal protective equipment and washing my hands straight after the shift.

“I have bins at home that need changing so it isn’t much different.

“The community have been so supportive by leaving thank you notes which spurs me on.

“I like trying new things and it is always good to add more experience and gain new skills.

“Its funny because I jokes with friends about working ‘on the bins’ and now I am actually doing it – they were quite shocked as they didn’t think I would follow through.

“It is a good rewarding job and women shouldn’t be hesitant.

“I may continue working after the pandemic as I am enjoying it so much.”