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paralysed dog

By Mollie Tracey 

A paralysed golden retriever has received the perfect paws for walkies thanks to her doting owner.

Pic from Caters News

Shortly after adorable pooch, Molly, now six, was born it became apparent that her lower body was paralysed.

Her vertebrae and spinal cord were deformed, and so without the use of her hind legs, Molly quickly learnt to get around using her two front paws.

Three years ago,  Molly was fostered by Jessie Pickard, 46, from Virginia USA, who fell in love with the pup and provided her with a permanent home.

However, due to her poor circulation, Molly’s back legs became covered in sores and would often get in the way when she tried to run.

Pic from Caters News

But thanks to her doting owner, Molly has now been fitted with specialist prosthetics that help her keep up with her canine friends.

Jessie, adoption co-ordinator for golden retriever rescue (GRREAT), said: “Since receiving her specialist prosthetics Molly is doing amazingly well.

“We foster special needs dogs and try to find them good homes, but Molly is deemed unadoptable because of her health issues and so we decided to become her permanent foster family.

Pic from Caters News

“I immediately fell in love with her story and knew she needed a real home, she had already been passed around so many times.

“Ever since she was born she learnt to walk around on her two front paws but we wanted something extra to help her.

“We have tried using a wheelchair but because she has the use of her front paws she is not a candidate for wheels and if we forced her to use one she would lose the ability of them.

“We found Derrick Campana at Animal Ortho Care who suggested Orthotics would help and so he designed Molly a custom-made pair in pink camo.

“As well as helping her stand like a normal dog, they also protect the sores she has on her legs due to her poor circulation.

“In total they cost $1,100 (£850) and have been a huge support for Molly, she can now run faster than ever.”

Pic from Caters News

Molly regularly visits several specialists every year who have made a huge difference to her health and happiness.

She added: “She has acupuncture, cold laser, and B12 therapy, as well as seeing a specialist for chiropractic treatment.

“The changes have been amazing and she even has some movement in her toes that hadn’t been there before.

“Molly deserves to be treated and so she also sees a personal groomer for a monthly spa treatment to keep her squeaky clean and fluffy which she loves.”

Despite her disabilities, Jessie insists Molly is just like any other dog and loves to play ball with her owner.

Pic from Caters News

Jessie said: “Molly is unstoppable, she is capable of almost anything and doesn’t know she is any different.

“She has a huge personality and loves swimming, she wears a life jacket whenever she goes in the water which is adorable.

“Because Molly is paralysed from the waist down she wears a harness with a handle on it so we can help her if needed, the harness also holds up her diaper.

Pic from Caters News

“Unfortunately she also has kidney failure and is more susceptible to serious infections, but we are trying our best to keep any illness at bay in order to prolong her life.”