Animals Video

By Jack Mobley


This joyful cat treats the stairs as her playground as she tumbles down the steps playfully.

Documentation and training specialist, Belinda Parkins, 54, from Maple Ridge, British Columbia, was amazed when her cat first rolled down the top step in her home after retrieving her toy.

Now, Belinda regularly sees Posey roll and slide down the stairs out of enjoyment, sometimes after fetching a toy and other times just for the thrill.

Posey loves doing her trick, but Belinda admits that Posey will sometimes do it for attention since noticing the positive reaction she gets from her owner.

If Belinda isn’t watching, Posey, who is quite the character, has been known to make a noise to get her attention before showing off her skill.

“Her name is Posey and she’s a domestic shorthair with a Torbie coat,” said Belinda.

“Posey slides, rolls, and tumbles her way down our stairs. She does it purely for her own fun and for my attention.

“Once she noticed that I got a kick out of it, she did it more often. Now she does it every single day, multiple times a day.

“She’s sassy and thinks she’s the boss of the rest of our fur crew.

“She’s attached to my side as much as possible and is very affectionate.”