Life Offbeat Video

By Randal Coombs


This is the hilarious moment a crafty man used his RC car to offer his neighbour a beer during the coronavirus lockdown.

Eric Trzcinski, 34, and Trevor Reinke, 25, usually hang out at each other’s houses on the weekends in Richfield, Wisconsin, but because of the coronavirus lockdown they weren’t able to do so on March 24.

To make up for the inconvenience, Eric secured a bottle of Corona beer to his RC car and drove it all the way to Trevor’s house.

‘Thank you, neighbour!’ Trevor is heard saying in the video with some laughter as he picks up the drink from the tiny vehicle.

Eric said: “I got the idea on my drive home from work on Friday night, I was going to surprise my neighbour the next day with a beer to practice social distancing as a joke.

“When I got home I went downstairs to grab my RC car and started looking for anything that would make a good beer holder.

“What I came up with was a stainless steel exhaust tip for a car and some zip ties.

“I strapped the exhaust tip onto the RC car using the zip ties and installed a Corona beer into the exhaust tip for a little more humor at the coronavirus pandemic.

“Trevor lives across the highway and about two houses down from me so it was a little journey and nerve-wracking dodging traffic with a RC car!”