Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the adorable moment tears turn to money for one lucky mum, in a birthday surprise that she quips is ‘just like her wedding day’.

After posting a long sentimental ode to her mother on Facebook, Tanya Farah told mum Linda Wahbeh that’s all she could manage to do for her birthday this year, along with a box of tissues that would ‘turn her sadness into happiness’, no matter the problem.

Confused by the proposition but still crying from her daughter’s emotional post, Linda begins dabbing away at her tear-stained cheeks in the hope of some miracle reaction, but after nothing happens, son-in-law Patrick urges her to keep trying.

Pulling more tissues from the box, suddenly Linda cries out in excitement as she unearths a jackpot underneath, as several dollar bills come reeling out from within, which she wraps around her neck, becoming more animated as the monetary value increases.

Patrick Farah, from Chicago, Illinois, USA, said: “It was amazing to see her jumping up and down with happiness.

“She said she hadn’t been this happy since her wedding day.

“She couldn’t stop telling us how much she loved us and that she’d never been surprised like this in her life.

“A lot of family and friends have asked us how we did it, because they want to do it too.

“We are both so glad we were able to make her birthday so special.”