By James Somper


This heart-warming video shows the moment two grandchildren sang happy birthday to their nan in isolation behind closed doors.

Rebecca Trott,  35, filmed Cian, 15, and Lois, 10, singing happy birthday to their grandmother Linda Rees, 71, as she and husband Martin, 71, self-isolate during the current coronavirus pandemic.

The trainee teacher said she filmed the clip while dropping off some essentials at the couples home in Tonmawr, Neath, South Wales.

Cian and Lois usually spend three afternoons a week with their grandparents but because of the recent government advice, they can no longer see them.

Rebecca said: “Because of all the new rules and shortages at the shops we weren’t able to get a proper birthday present for granny this year.

“They’re both isolating at home at the moment so they can’t really see the children at all.

“We wanted to drop some groceries off for them and the kids decided to quickly sing happy birthday for them.

“The children were two metres away and even made a little banner saying ‘Happy birthday’ on.”

Rebecca said Linda and Martin were absolutely delighted with the surprise.

She said: “They were so pleased.

“I’m a trainee teacher and now I’m classified as a frontline worker the kids can’t see their grandparents and they used to see them at least three times a week so they really miss them.

“As soon as they saw them outside they started waving. They loved the surprise.

“They absolutely loved seeing the grandchildren. At a time like this even just a brief glimpse at a safe distance makes all the difference.”