By David Aspinall

This stunned girlfriend surprising her boyfriend with a marriage proposal was left shocked when he gets down on one knee at the same time.

Jennifer Henio had hoped to catch partner of seven years PJ Warr unawares when they were at a family BBQ at his parents’ home in Noblesville, Indiana, USA, on March 25.


As she took the microphone and told all her gathered friends, the 35-year-old says how he ‘means the world’ to her before getting down on one knee and asking him to marry her.

Instantly PJ, 36, starts laughing and pulls a ring box out of his pocket before joining a perplexed Jennifer on the floor who asks, ‘is this real life’ before agreeing to his proposal.

Jennifer said: “We knew we were meant to be and I think this coincidence proved it perfectly.

“This is something extremely unique, I’ve never heard of this happening before.

“I was so surprised that he had a ring too.


“I couldn’t stop thinking how crazy it is that we had the same idea and how neat it was that we asked at the same time.

“PJ was so surprised but also happy that I had asked him.”

The happy couple began to have the same idea on the same night a week before when PJ asked Jennifer ‘do you want to just say screw it and get married’ while sat on the couch.

After initially laughing it off and telling him ‘that’s not how you ask somebody’, the wheels in her brain started turning.

Jennifer said: “As the days passed, I thought about it and decided that I do love this man and why not marry him.


“The day I decided, I told my son on what my plans were and he thought it was cool and I had his blessings.

“I called up his step mom and talked to her about it and we already had plans to visit them so it was perfect timing for me.

“We decided to use PJ’s brother-in-law John’s birthday to get people to come and so PJ would have no idea.”

Little did Jennifer know that when PJ went with the couple’s friend KJ to pick some BBQ items, he had told her his plans to propose that very same night.

Already aware of Jennifer’s plans, KJ managed to keep quiet, and PJ then told his parents his plan while they were grilling.

Jennifer said: “As he walked away they started laughing.

“They had no idea how this was all going to pan out.

“When John went up to say thank you to the family for the ‘surprise party’, that’s when I thought the timing would be perfect.

“After he was done, I grabbed the mic and asked for PJ to come up and the rest was history.”