By David Aspinall

This adorable one-week-old baby was left perplexed by her first bout of hiccups.

After being born on April 19, tiny Pip Hume was left shocked as the brand new bodily function rippled through her body.

Wrapped in a huge blanket and resting on mum Beth’s chest, the week-old-infant lets out a massive yawn which appears to predicate the hiccups.

As the involuntary winding continues and the frequency increases, Pip starts to look more and more confused as mum and dad Steve laugh at their precious first born’s reaction.

Steve, from Chester-Le-Street, Durham, said: “Beth and I just couldn’t get over how cute Pip’s hiccups were.

“She had been crying for about an hour until she started doing this.

“It was as if she was too confused about what was happening to be upset.

“They carried on for a further 20 minutes and as soon as they stopped, she begins to cry again.

“It was almost as if she missed them.”