Animals Life Video

By Jack Mobley

When this father stepped out of his car, he was welcomed brilliantly in the front window by his baby boy and boxer dog.

After a long day at work on February 22, David Bressler returned to his home in Orlando, Florida, and was greeted by eight-month-old son, Everett and boxer pup, Rigby.

When David walked up to his front door, the front window had a couple of excitable people waiting in it.

Everett was pressed up against the glass with a grin on his face while Rigby was wriggling with enthusiasm.

David said: “It’s a good reminder of work-life balance.

“When I saw them I immediately forget about all the work stress in my life once I see them.

“My son was more excited, I can leave the house for five minutes and Rigby gives me the same reaction, Everett not so much.”