Life Video

By Randal Coombs and Federico Cornetto

This is the adorable moment a girl began screaming with joy after being surprised with a tiny puppy.

On February 22, seven-year-old Olivia Lewis, from Omaha, Nebraska, received a long-wished-for gift from her mother, Kirstin Peyton.  

For a long time, Olivia had been asking Kirstin, 39, for a pet dog, but was unable to get one as her grandma, Lois Peyton, 88, was ‘not sold on the idea’.

Finally, Kirstin was able to convince grandma Lois and surprised Olivia with seven-week-old Havamalt puppy, Olive, who used to belong to one of the girl’s schoolmates.  

Kirstin said: “I work at my daughter’s school and there so happen to be puppies that came up with a family to visit and to pick up their kid. 

“My daughter happened to be in the hallway when she was introduced to Olive and fell in love.

“She said: ‘this is the one, mum’. 

“Grandma and I pondered for quite a while, and with a little love and faith, we decided to take Olive into our family.”

In a video recorded by Kirstin, Olivia is heard screaming with joy when opening the box and meeting tiny Olive.

“I wanted this puppy so bad!” Olivia screams.

Kirstin said: “I told her that there was a package for her in the dining room.

“She was in pure shock when she opened the box and realised it was her Olive.  

“We went through quite a few names, like Marshmallow, Dotty, Cutie Pie and Princess, but Olivia settled with Olive because it means ‘I love you’.”