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Taniya Dutta


A 10-year-old Indian boy’s extreme Yoga moves have earned him the nickname of “Rubber Boy”.

Ujjawal Vishwakarma from Meerut in northern India, is so flexible that he can bend his body backwards.

The young boy, who started doing yoga at just six, can stretch backwards until his head touches the ground and sit on a chair–all by bending his body backwards, and keeping his head resting on his legs.

The boy shows off his amazing ability in completing the most difficult yoga positions, named Niralamaba Purna Chakrasana, a back plank recline crunch.

He has created many records but now eyes at creating a Guinness World Record.

Ujjawal said, “I am known as the Rubber Boy because of my extreme yoga acts. I want to be famous and make a world record.”

Ujjawal practices yoga every day for three hours at his home under the guidance of his teacher Viskas Panchali.