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By Federico Cornetto


An adorable Chow Chow dog has become famous on the Internet thanks to his striking resemblance to a huge teddy bear.

Chowder, six, from the Philippines, is a cute and ‘very lazy’ pooch who has gained thousands of followers on social media thanks to his big snout and round chubby face, which make him look like a 20 kilo teddy bear.

His owner says Chowder attracts everyone’s attention when he visits the shopping mall thanks to his adorable features.

He said: “He just really has bear-like features, a big part of it is how he is groomed, but other than that it’s also the colour of his fur and the shape of his round snout.

“The most common line we hear from people when they meet Chowder is ‘oh my God he looks like a teddy bear’.

“Whenever we’re in the mall, everyone stops to look at him because he’s just so adorable and they take photos or videos of him.”

His owner also said that Chowder is not a particularly active dog, and likes to eat and relax all day long.

He said: “He is a very lazy dog, he just loves to eat and lounge around the house all day.

“However, he does love to go to the mall or outside the house to walk around.

“His favourite food is definitely chicken breast, and his favourite game hide-and-seek with his humans.”