Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto and Taniya Dutta


A dog was filmed playing with wind chimes and howling to their sound in an adorable series of videos.

Golden Retriever Bleu, four, has become an Internet sensation for her love of playing with wind chimes and ‘singing’ along to the sound.

Owner and artist Ana Brown, 51, from Wilmington, North Carolina, says Bleu discovered her passion for this instrument when she was only five-months-old.

Ana said: “She sings almost every day and wags her tail when she sings.

“She keeps making the chimes ring and she sings with such joy.

“Watching her bring happiness to the world has been the gift of a lifetime.

“I love this Golden girl more than I have words for, she’s delightful.”

Ana said she was able to make use of Bleu’s unique musical talent for a good cause.

Ana said: “I lost my younger sister to colon cancer almost ten years ago.

“I am now the President and co-founder of The Blue Ribbon Run, a non-profit that raises awareness for colon cancer.

“Bleu is named for this event and has her own Facebook page, Bleu’s Colon Clues, to help us raise awareness for prevention, money for a cure, as well as financial assistance to those in our community battling colon cancer.”