By Dan Coles


A prankster brother promised his sister he would bring a Llama in a tuxedo to her wedding five years ago – and he stuck to it.

Doting brother Mendl Weinstock, 21, promised his sister, Riva Eisenberg, 22, he would bring a Llama to her wedding when he teased her about making wedding plans back in 2015 – when she wasn’t even dating anyone.

But when Riva finally did tie the knot last month, she didn’t expect Mendl to keep his bizarre promise – and show up on her big day with a llama as his date.

Initially furious, the now-bride, from Ohio, USA, made her brother promise he would be on his best behaviour for the big day weeks before but forgot to tell him not to bring a farmyard animal that he promised he would five years ago, which he remembered and executed his plan.

Mendl, a student, said: “Five years ago my sister was talking about her wedding as if it were tomorrow when she wasn’t even dating anyone at the time.

“Just to make her mad and get a reaction I told her if she makes me come to the wedding, I am bringing a llama with me, it was the first thing to pop into my head.

“After a few minutes of arguing she tried to use reverse psychology on me and said “ok the llama is invited to the wedding” so ever since that day I vowed to bring a llama and yesterday I made that promise come true.

“She was definitely mad at first, but she came to accept it and realised it was in good fun, she was mostly impressed that I managed to keep my promise from all those years ago.”

The Llama was a five-year promise that Mendl made sure he kept to, dressing it in a tuxedo to look the part and even having it delivered on the day to avoid anyone outing his plan.

He said: “The handlers whom I rented the llama from brought it there in a trailer, it only cost $450 (£350) which was actually much cheaper than I expected.

“She got engaged in October 2019 and I made the call to rent the llama shortly after.

“I was dead serious from the moment she said the llama is invited to the wedding, but she had no idea until the moment she walked outside and saw it.”

The plan was perfected right down to the bow-tie, with every guest queuing up for a photographer with the now semi-famous Llama after Mendl uploaded a picture to Reddit which gathered 150,000 likes.

Mendl said “Everyone loved it, many of the guests took pictures with the llama and it was the talk of the wedding the whole night, much to my sisters frustration.”