Life Video

By Robert Firth


A mum has finally given her Harry Potter-obsessed daughter her own room by transforming the cupboard under her stairs into a space inspired by the book’s main character.

Mum-of-three Hannah Price Faulkner always dreamed of providing daughter Poppy, six, with her own room when she started school, but struggled to find space in her two-bedroom semi-detached house in Plymouth, Devon.

After seeing someone who turned their under-stairs cupboard into an extra room online, housewife Hannah created a ‘chill out zone’ in the small 9ft-square space for Poppy, inspired by Harry Potter’s famous room at 4 Privet Drive.

And the 48-hour transformation cost savvy saver Hannah less than £100 – while Poppy was left crying tears of joy when she unveiled the finished product.

Hannah, 26, said: “It’s a great little space: it’s her little special area.

“It just seemed like wasted space before.

“While I was decorating it, I sent her to her nan’s overnight and I revealed it to her when she came back the next day.

“Poppy was overwhelmed when I showed her.

“She was reduced to tears, really happy tears – she was not expecting it.

“She saw me knock the wall through but I told her I just needed storage for the pram so she didn’t suspect anything.

“She was so grateful when she found out it was specifically for her. It was great seeing her face light up.”

Hannah had wanted Poppy to have her own space since she started school just over a year ago so she would have somewhere to do her homework in peace.

The mum enlisted her dad, Graham, 58, to knock through the cupboard and decorated the room herself with red bricked wallpaper and Harry Potter-themed throws and cushions as well as a cauldron and Hedwig hot water bottle.

She spent £90 on the decoration and accessories, most of which she either recycled or picked up at Primark, Wilko and Facebook marketplace.

Poppy stores her Gryffindor cloak in the room, which also contains the flags of the four Hogwarts houses and signs referencing places from the hit fantasy series, such as ‘Cupboard under the stairs’ and ‘Room of Requirement.’

Previously, Poppy had to share a room with her two sisters Riley, 18 months, and Freya, four, who was recently diagnosed with autism and requires extra support.

Hannah said: “Poppy uses it for reading, colouring, playing with her toys and pretending to make spells.

“It can become Hogwarts castle one day and the next day it’s a school.

“She has been the teacher in there to do potions with all my shampoos and conditioner.

“It has been Hogwarts Express too – it’s ‘imagination land’ in there, it can be anything.

“It’s lovely for any parent to be able to give your child something new and which is their own.

“Freya and Poppy have got different needs – Freya needs bright colours and lots of sensory objects in her room, whereas Poppy wants to decorate it with the things she likes.

“Poppy can have all her Harry Potter stuff in the room now.

“I didn’t want Poppy to feel left out because we tend to accommodate Freya’s needs more since she has additional educational needs – sometimes I feel like her two siblings steal all the attention.

“Now that Poppy has her own space, she goes in there if she is a bit anxious.

“There’s a lot of pressure on children at this age and she can chill out in there.”

And to coincide with the completion of their daughter’s new room, Hannah and store refurbishment worker dad Matthew, 29, also hosted Poppy a Harry Potter-themed sixth birthday party to celebrate.

Hannah said: “Poppy always wanted to go to Hogwarts so we brought Hogwarts to her.

“We made our own invites, props and platform nine and three quarters sign.

“Poppy was spellbound by her party. It was a magical day.”