Life Video

By Hayley Pugh


Two urban explorers have filmed the moment they sneaked inside a top secret military science lab rumoured to be used for the development of biological warfare.

The eerie footage shows Matt Nadin and Andy Thompson dodging security to enter the abandoned building in Worcestershire, formally occupied by a defence technology company.

The deserted building was decommissioned a couple of years ago and according to former employees was abandoned when they “left in a hurry.”

By coincidence it was demolished this month – just days after the explorers snuck in – but the 70 acre site is still home to other working buildings and is protected 24 hours a day by top security.

Former employees, who were too scared to be named, claim the mysterious building was used to develop biological warfare, research the bubonic plague and pioneer bio mechanical engineering experiments.

They also say they were forced to leave in a hurry which would explain the paperwork, instruments and expensive machinery left in a chaotic mess at the site.

Matt, a salesman from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, posted the extraordinary footage to his You Tube channel, Finders Beepers History Seekers, and can be seen exploring the creepy building with his pal, Andy.

The pair found microscopes, hazmat suits, what looked like quarantine rooms and interrogation rooms and perhaps most shockingly something that appeared to be blood on floor.

Matt, 40, said: “We spend a lot of time in strange places so we are used to weird noises likes bumps and bangs and things but this was different.

“It was really eerie and it honestly felt like we were being watched.

“We were a lot more on edge than normal and after speaking to people who used to work there the fact that they were so frightened to say too much makes it even more intriguing.

“There were huge amounts of equipment there which must have been expensive so it makes you wonder why it was all left.

“It’s almost as if their was an outbreak or something and everyone literally had to run.

“When we explore buildings we see a lot of paint splatter and things which could be mistaken for blood but this really looked like blood and it looked fresh too. It was very strange.

“We are probably the last people to have been in there before it was demolished which makes it even more special.

“It was definitely an adrenaline buzz.”