Animals Video

By William Lailey


Meet the ‘skinny pigs’ that model for their owner’s guinea pig clothing collection and currently boast over 40,000 followers on Instagram.

Pea and Parsley, the two-year-ol ‘skinny pigs’, spend their days posing for pictures and modelling hand-made clothing for their owner, Ulrica Marklund, 50, who makes a living by selling hand-crafted Guinea pig clothing on her online Etsy shop.

The shop, named ‘Peach Shop’, sells dresses, cosy jumpers and miniature hats to give your guinea pig a stylish new wardrobe.

Ulrica, who works as a kindergarten teacher in Sweden, earns between £4 – £15 for every outfit she sells and knits them from the comfort of her home, whilst sitting in front of the TV with her beloved guinea pigs.

The mum of three currently owns seven guinea pigs and coaxes the skinny pigs into the photo shoots with lots of treats.

Ulrica said: “They like being models because they get A LOT of treats during the photo shoot.

“They have been models since the day their were born so they like it and are so used to it.

“I love knitting and do it all the time so why not do it for my beloved skinny pigs.

“It takes one evening to knit a dress and I knit everyday, so I make around 365 outfits a year.

“Sometimes i knit to match my own outfits.

“I get overwhelmed with love – people often say that the pictures makes their day”.