Animals Video

By James Somper


A puppy and kitten have become best friends after they became sisters – and are now inseparable.

14-week-old pedigree boxer Beau has formed an unlikely bond with seventeen-week-old Midnight so strong that the pair share meals with each other and snooze together throughout the day.

The bond between them is so strong that owner Colin Cox, 33, says it’s almost impossible to separate them.

The dry liner from Luton, Bedfordshire, said: “I’d been looking for the perfect pup for a couple of years.

“Our other cat had kittens and we kept one and called it Midnight and also decided to get a puppy at the same time and they just bonded from birth.

“They’ve been inseparable since we introduced them to each other and they’ve been friends ever since.

“They’ve been best friends since the word go, they’re almost like siblings to one another.

“Beau is with Midnight all the time, all day everyday.”

Colin added that when he takes Beau out for a walk, Midnight will stare out longingly at them from the front window of his home.

He said: “They mainly just cuddle and play with each other but they also groom and snuggle up.

“Beau also likes to share his food with Midnight and they take it in turns to share their meals.

“Even though Beau is young when we take her out for walks she’ll stare around and look for Midnight.

“My kids absolutely love them and always try to cuddle and stroke them even though we tell them to be gentle as Beau and Midnight are still only small.

Colin said he predicts that the relationship between Beau and Midnight will only blossom as times goes on.

He said: “I think their relationship is really sweet. It’s obviously unusual to see two animals who are this close but it’s heartwarming to see.

“Even though they’ll get bigger physically and mature I have no doubt that their relationship will always be close.”