Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This clever kitty can force open windows to get into her house.

Volkan Celik heard a noise coming from outside his house in Edmonton, London and, upon further investigation, noticed his cat, Lilly waiting outside.

Volkan knew that Lilly can allow herself back into the house but did not know how, so he began to film.

The top window was left unlocked and that allowed Lilly to claw at the latch and eventually pry the window open.

She then simply jumped up and indoors with any help, in what was an impressive feat.

Volkan said: “I noticed this quite a while a go, she is a very smart cat, my father normally lets her out early morning so she has no one awake to let her in.

“When I first noticed it was shocked and confused but it’s become a habit for her, one day she actually managed to open and get in to my next door neighbours window the same way.”