Life Video

By Jessica Testa



This adorable two-year-old becomes a little confused when he hears his parents tell their dogs to sit before crossing a road.


Baker Matt Sherwood, 30, says his son Beauden tends to sit on the ground with the two Blue English Staffies whenever he or his wife give the command as they approach a road while on their walks.


He said: “He does it for 80 per cent of the roads on our walks and only really misses them when he’s on his scooter or bike.”


Although Matt has tried to explain to Beauden that this command only applies to the dogs, he still continues to do it.


Matt admits that while this was funny the first few times, now they are more focused on continuing on their walk so they are not out all day and night.


He mentions that Beauden has a close friendship with the dog and treats them like members of the family.


“Our dogs have always been so gentle and loyal to us and that continued when Beauden joined our family.


“Their relationship really is the definition of ‘man’s best friend’.”