Animals Video

By Alyce Collins


A dog owner discovered that her black lab really doesn’t like oranges when she offered her a slice.

Rhiannon Kerruish-Lawrence, 24, from Canada, was having breakfast when 11-month-old Raja started to act strangely.

Thinking the puppy was peckish, Rhiannon decided to give Raja her last slice of orange, but she almost ran away at the sight of it.

“I was having orange slices as part of breakfast and she was looking at them, like she tends to do when I eat fruit,” said Rhiannon.

“After looking it up and seeing that a little bit of orange is okay for dogs, since I’ve never given her orange before, I decided to give her my last slice.

“I thought her reaction was a little extreme but very adorable, but it turns out most dogs in general react to that citrus smell,” she continued.

“She used to be similarly skeptical of blueberries but now she plays with them/eats them without much of a reaction”.