Amazing Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto


An entrepreneur has artificially recreated the laminar flow effect which makes a moving water jet look like it’s frozen in time.

Pierre Taylor, 26, from Denver, Colorado, used a balloon and some sellotape to replicate an effect so often seen in viral videos from around the world.

Pierre filled up the balloon with water, then used the tape to place a hashtag symbol on it, and finally pierced the balloon at the centre of the mark.

This enabled Pierre to create a flowing water jet that looked stunningly still.

Pierre said: “It’s actually pretty simple, all you have to do is fill up a balloon than make a hashtag symbol out of tape on the balloon.

“Then you poke the centre of the hashtag symbol with a knife or pin and the stream will come out as a laminar flow.”

According to Pierre, with a standard balloon and a one-inch-wide hole, the effect can last up to a minute.

Pierre said: “A laminar flow is just an uninterrupted stream of water that flows at a constant rate, giving off the effect of frozen water.

“Placing the tape on the balloon causes a controlled area for the water to flow out of without allowing the balloon to pop.

“The latex balloon deflates at a constant speed, therefore creating a laminar flow.”