Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto & Joe McFarlane


A talented chiropractor is helping to solve mobility issues for pets and exotic animals such as kangaroos, zebras, tigers and bears.

Doctor Joren Whitley, 30, from Oklahoma City, is a young but talented chiropractor who has become well-known on the Internet.

In different videos, Joren is seen cracking the back of horses and dogs, as well as of exotic animals like zebras, lemurs and tiger cubs.

Joren says he’s helped ‘many hundreds of animals’ regain their mobility so they can live life to the fullest.

Joren said: “Most people really love their pets and sometimes owners bring us their pets as a last resort before considering euthanasia.

“I want to make sure that every animal I put my hands on has a chance to live its life pain-free.

“I’ve worked on animals that you would typically have as pets, such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, horses, snakes, which are one giant spine, pigs, goats, sheep and birds.

“I have also worked on more interesting and exotic ones like kinkajous, lemurs, coatis, hedgehogs, a lion, tiger, bear, chimpanzee, owl monkey, bearded dragon and kangaroo.

“My goal is to work on an elephant and a giraffe before too long.”

Joren works on both animals and people, but he says he sometimes feels like an ‘almost full-time’ animal chiropractor.

He says the spines of animals and humans are very similar, but can have great difference in certain areas.

Joren said: “The biggest difference is that because we walk on two legs our spines are vertical, while most animals’ spines are horizontal.

“Some animals have more vertebrae than we do, and some are missing joints that we have, like horses walk on one giant fused finger.

“I feel like I have the most amazing job on the planet, every day I am able to help both humans and animals live their lives to the fullest, no one day is the same and each day presents a new miracle.

“Animals are carried into our office by an owner that is holding back tears of fear that they will lose their best friend, and later the animal walks out with the owner crying tears of joy.”