Animals Video

By James Somper


A mum has shared a hilarious video of her dog chasing a merry-go-round.

Pamela Reid, 43, caught the clip on her usual morning walk she goes on with one-year-old black Labrador, Diesel.

The office cleaner says her faithful pooch suddenly started chasing after the merry-go-round after she started pushing it as a prank.

Mum-of-two, Pamela, said: “We walk through this park every day.

“If I walk anywhere near this roundabout or so much as touch it Diesel goes daft and jumps up and down and also jumps on me.

“He is so cheeky and full of mischief.

“I decided to push the roundabout and shout wheeee,  then he just started chasing it.

“It was hilarious, I was calling him away for ages and  even walked away to other end of park thinking he’d follow, but he was having too much fun

“After about five minutes I had to drag him away eventually.”

Pamela added that Diesel is a typical Labrador and always does his best to cause mayhem whenever possible.

She said: “He is a very cheeky boy, always stealing socks and pants, lifting things he shouldn’t then looking for a chase.

“He puts on his ‘come chase me eyes’ and then it’s hard to get five minutes peace.

“He’s a typical lab.

“He loves children. I have two daughters and my twelve-year-old went out to play with him in the snow last night with her friends.

“When she went back in the house he kept crying at the door to go out and play with them.”