Amazing Video

By Jack Mobley

This secluded ice skating spot is beautiful and located high in a Canadian mountain lake but that did not stop this adventurous duo.

Michael Hudson and girlfriend, Lorraine, set out to find and skate on the frozen lake situated 4,500 ft up Mount Arrowsmith on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Michael checked ahead for any severe weather warnings to ensure that they could climb the mountain and in fact skate on the lake.

They began their trek uphill with spike shoes and warm weather clothing in search for the magical spot.

After a three hour hike, they had found the scenic spot, a sheet of thick black ice surrounded by frosted peaks with waterfalls frozen in motion.

The pair got their ice skates on and began gliding over the lake, hand-in-hand.

Michael said: “Climbing Mount Arrowsmith in the past I noticed a lot of small alpine lakes around the massif.

“I grew up skating on lakes in Ontario and thought it would be wicked to get up to one of these lakes to skate on.

“It was totally exhilarating that everything worked out to our plan!

“It was a magical experience skating on that alpine lake and worth all that we had to do to get there.”