Life Video

By Cally Brooks


A slimmer who started Instagramming her own ‘fakeaways’ in a bid to shed the pounds and save cash has revealed she’s saved a whopping £6000 a YEAR after ditching takeaways.

Jules Smith, 53, now boasts more than 75,000 followers since she started snapping pictures of her healthy takeaway alternatives to motivate her to keep on her diet plan.

Since switching up her diet in 2015, she has gone on to save a whopping £6000 a year by shopping in the reduced aisle and cutting out takeaways by replacing them with her popular ‘fakeaways’.

And Jules, from Leeds, has gone on to lose three stone.

She said: “Eight years ago, I couldn’t even boil an egg and now I’m meal prepping, making ‘fakeaways’ and people follow me to see my recipes.

“Before the accident, my partner and I were living off of takeaways and ready meals and it really took a toll on our health and our bank balance.

“I find cooking so boring, that’s why I call myself the ‘Lazy Cook’ because all of my recipes are simple, quick and easy.

“Learning to cook has really helped with my weight loss and batch cooking is one of the best things.

“Since cutting out the takeaways, I’ve made Indian, Chinese, McDonalds, KFC and more ‘fakeaways’. I batch cook them so they can last for weeks and save us so much money”.

Jules had an accident in 2012 that left her with two prolapsed discs in her neck and a spinal cord compression, causing her to suffer from chronic pain and difficulties walking, driving and going about her daily life.

She has since undergone three spine operations but was sadly left with chronic pain that she is going to have to deal with for the rest of her life.

“The accident really set me back in my weight loss journey and I now have to learn to live with my injuries.

“It has had a big impact on both my physical health and mental health but I just have to keep on going and by documenting my journey on social media, it offers me some comfort”.

Jules started her Instagram page in 2015 and then branched out to Facebook and YouTube in 2016 where she posts live videos of her cooking and food shopping ‘vlogs’ to show how you can save money when shopping.

Before the accident, Jules worked as a business development manager but sadly had to give that up due to being unable to drive following her fall.

“I had always been an achiever and after the accident I thought, what am I going to be able to achieve now?

“Now, here we are back on the straight and narrow, exercising within my limits, cooking up a storm in the kitchen but most importantly taking care of my mental health which can really take a beating dealing with chronic pain daily”.

Jules’ partner, Graham, 56, taught her to cook eight years ago when she struggled to even boil an egg.

Now, she has a successful Instagram and Facebook page with thousands of people tuning in weekly to watch her live cooking shows and have a look at some of the Instagram-worthy food she has made.

From curries to stir-frys to burgers, Jules has a recipe for everything and prides herself on her famous ‘fakeaways’ that have not only led to her losing three stone, but have also saved her a huge amount of money weekly.

“I usually shop in Tesco but have recently been popping in to Asda, Lidl and Aldi.

“A lot of people can underestimate how much money meal prepping can save you because you can shop in the reduced aisle and freeze it all.

“I struggled to lose weight because I couldn’t move a lot, doctors even thought I might end up in a wheelchair! So, eating healthy and meal prepping is very important to me”.

Jules hopes to inspire people and motivate others by posting her weight loss journey on social media and is planning on focusing more on her YouTube channel in the coming months.