Animals Life Video

By Alyce Collins


The emotional moment a man was reunited with his dog after spending a year travelling the world has been caught on camera.

Samuel Brown, 29, and his partner were keen to take a break from their jobs to see the world but that meant leaving their dog Mika behind – a very tough thing to do.

“We travelled the world spending five-and-a-half months in South America, two weeks in Antarctica, three weeks in Central America, three Weeks in Canada and five months in Europe,” explained Samuel.

The pair climbed 21 mountains and hiked more than 1,200km over the course of the year, but missed Mika a lot.

“We missed her terribly, especially when we were on our adventure as she loves to go hiking and explore the outdoors,” said Samuel.

“We would Face Time her as often as possible and tried to find dogs to play with over the course of our travels to fill the gaping void of her not being there.”

When they returned home, Samuel was worried Mika would be aloof, “punishing” them for leaving her, but that wasn’t the case at all.

“She was the complete opposite, as the video clearly shows,” he said.

“After this energetic reunion she proceeded to follow us around everywhere we went just to make sure we weren’t going to leave her again”.