Animals Video

By Randal Coombs


Cats normally spend their time chasing birds, but this cat sounds like one.

A funny video, filmed on February 13 at Ohio Alleycat Resource in Cincinnati, shows the three-year-old rescue cat cooing like a pigeon, an amusing sound he apparently makes every time he’s “happy.”

The feline’s name was actually ‘Pigeon’ at the animal shelter but has since been changed to Marzipan by his new owners.

Filmer Amy Baker-Jones said: “When I found him and filmed the video he was already listed as ‘adoption pending’ which wasn’t suprising.

“He coos whenever he’s happy and eating; he’s a sweet orange baby.

“He looks big in pictures but he’s actually an adorable, little guy,” she continued.

“Marzipan is currently settling in with his two new brothers, named Marshmallow Peep and Gummy Bear”.