Amazing Animals

By Mikey Jones


Things are certainly looking up for these giraffes – as they’re caught in the midst of a rainbow, creating an almost magical effect.

Andre Cloete, 43, a professional wildlife photographer and guide, originally from South Africa, caught the stunning shots during a safari trip in Kenya.

As the light turned golden, Andre lead his guests in the direction of the tower of giraffes – in order to witness the beautiful phenomena.

Andre said: “The first few picture showed a giraffe staring intently at a pride of lions who had unsuccessfully stalked some warthogs.

“The giraffe lost interest but we realised that the light was turning golden and a rainbow was forming in the background.

“That’s when we decided to follow the giraffe and ignore the lions!

“My favourite photos were ones depicting animal interaction or any forms of interesting behaviour or action – the great lighting helped a lot!”