By Jack Mobley

This talented woman has been spinning heads like her discs with some unbelievable frisbee trick shots.

Madison Swaney has been honing her skills for six years in South Carolina, USA, and posting her best shots to Instagram.

Madison lines up some jaw-dropping shot such as hurling her disc across a field into a delivery box that the frisbee snuggly fits into.

Other tricks include huge throws over houses into small targets, long-distance floating shots and even a throw that sees the disc rolled up a sun lounger and into a net.

Madison said: “I love the thrill of making the trick shot and proving to myself that anything is possible regardless of how hard it may seem.

“This requires accuracy, and this is why I mastered the throws before I even attempted to use them in trick shots.

“Some difficulties I find when doing these trick shots are sometimes I don’t make a shot after hours of trying.

“Rather it be my cameras dying or me just not being able to hit the shot. This can be frustrating, however, I always try to look at the bright side when this happens.

“I believe my trick shots deserve to be seen by more people, I would love to show this neat hobby to more people and inspire them!”