By Federico Cornetto


This is the hilarious moment a cat that is normally ‘brave’ was spooked by the sight of a bath bomb fizzing in the water.

On February 19, Dyan Jorgensen, 30, was hanging out with her cat Lily, two, in their house in Chicago, Illinois, when she dropped a bath bomb into the tub.

As the water started colouring and fizzing, Lily looked hesitantly into the tub and then quickly walked away with a spooked expression.

Lily then stood on her back paws while gazing at the water from a distance, in a hilarious video that reached thousands of views online.

Dyan said: “Lily is normally brave, she is scared of literally nothing.

“Not of a broom or a vacuum, not even of dogs.

“My reaction was just laughing and taking a bunch of pictures.”