Offbeat Video

By Ellie Duncombe

This man executes an unbelievable trick by flipping though a car window into the driver’s seat.

Roman Polanskii has been practicing his art in and around St. Petersburg, Russia for around 12 years and this might be his most impressive stunt to date.

The clip shows the progress that Roman makes by first jumping straight into the car without any flips.

He continues by incorporating the flip into the trick, failing on multiple occasions.

Roman finally gets his angles correct and performs the flip and lands feet first into the car and drives off, rounding off the sleek move.

Roman said: “I have been looking for an opportunity to do this for more than a year.

“This idea came to my mind when I saw people getting into the car through the window.

“ But my trick must be unique I decided to come close to the limit of my capabilities and I came up with a somersault before flying in the car window.

“A few attempts, a few failures and so I did it, I’m happy! And this is definitely my way.”