Life Video

By Neo Bye

A man attempted to use a one-wheeled Segway when transporting some construction material but the imbalance causes him to eat the tarmac.

Luke Sanneh was driving alongside the wobbling Segway rider in the rain in the Watford area when the incident happened.

The tradesman had two pieces of 4×4 wood underneath his arm as he set off from a stationary position at a junction.

Unfortunately, the motorised unicycle gathered speed and managed to pop up onto the pavement but before heading directly into a lamppost, causing the man to tumble to the ground.

Luke said: “We were on our way to work as normal and we saw a man carrying two 4×4 on his Segway.

“I never ever in a million years expected him to fall off so my reaction in the video explains everything really.

“Everyone that’s seen it has said it must be one of the funniest videos they’ve seen recently.”